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Watchmen Graphic Novel Should Be Left a Comic Book

Started in 1986, writer Alan Moore and artist Dave Gibbons formulate a mystery based on the Cold War, wherein the threat of nuclear warfare is an imminent fear. The story explores the possibility that superheroes existed in the 1940s. Thus, in the setting of the Watchmen graphic novel, superheroes are roughly classified into two. They are either working for the government, donning their suits while on retainer by people's taxes, or they are outlawed. Most superheroes not working for the government have decided to embark on other productive endeavors like business, leaving crime-fighting and costume-wearing behind. Some continue to be heroes, but are considered as fugitives, thanks to the law that was passed outlawing superheroes.

Creator Alan Moore cannot be blamed for wanting his art to remain in the chosen medium it was created. Not only due to the huge differences between perusing a comic book and watching a film, but undeniably also because of the harrowing experiences he had with his publisher and the process of converting his work from paper to film. Initially, he thought that separating himself from the process of converting his work to a movie would turn out fine. Moore admits that he was wrong about distancing himself. The latest of his work to be released as a movie is the Watchmen graphic novel.

"The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen," one of Moore's works, was adapted into film. He distanced himself, feeling that as long as he didn't see any of the film and had nothing to do with it, everything will be fine. He was fairly surprised when producer Martin Poll and writer Larry Cohen filed a law suit against 20th Century Fox for alleged plagiarism. They claim that their script yet to be produced was copied. Indeed, the two scripts bore many similarities, but these are elements added to the film and were not in any way found in Moore's comics. Due to the lawsuit, Alan Moore had to testify in a deposition. The experience, he described, is incomparable and shockingly painful. As if the misery was not enough, Fox settled the case, signaling to Moore that it was an admission of guilt, something he was very sure he has no involvement.

When "V for Vendetta" was made into a film, producer Joel Silver stated to the press that fellow producer Larry Wachowski had talked with Alan Moore, and that Moore was excited about the project. But according to Moore, he adamantly refused to be part of anything with films, and still wasn't interested in Hollywood. Alan Moore wanted a public retraction and an apology. While he got an apology from Silver, who appears also been deceived by Wachowski, there never was a public retraction. Aside from this, Moore claims that the comic book was specifically about anarchy and fascism. Nowhere in the movie was these two things even seen or mentioned. Clearly, the adaptation of the comic book into a film reinvents Moore's work into something totally different, something Moore would have not created and would definitely not want to be credited with.

The Watchmen graphic novel is being adapted into a film, and is set for release this 2009. Everybody can understand the reluctance and displeasure by Alan Moore. It is bad enough that he doesn't get paid for his work, now he gets his name attached to work inherently at odds with what and who Alan Moore is.

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Anime Comics Has Increased in Popularity in America

Gen-X'ers and older Gen-Y's grew up in the 1980s, when comic book series cartoons like "The X-Men," "Justice League," "Captain America," "Teen Titans," "Spider-Man," "Batman," "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" and "The Transformers." As these kids aged, they became adults in their 20s and 30s, creating comic book movie blockbusters to keep the legacy going. The next generation of younger Gen-Y's would look to Japan and China for their comic book series. They grew up with "Dragonball Z," "Pokemon" and "Sailor Moon." Anime comics came to America with surprising fervor and it's not likely to dissipate anytime soon.

The DC and Marvel Comic fans sometimes view anime fans as the ultimate nerds, the plot lines as "cheesy" and the characters as "daft" or "annoying." Older Americans often scratch their heads and ask, "Why are anime comics so popular among today's youth?" Some could argue it was a massive advertising campaign that came over from Japan, who saw America and Europe as large, untapped markets. The challenge was to rework their material into exportable goods with English sub-titles and over-dubs.

They farmed enthusiasm with several different products, with movies like "Ghost in the Shell" or "Akira" and cartoon series like "Dragonball Z," "Pokemon" and "Sailor Moon." The basic business model was to keep costs low, try a little of everything and see what works. Once their endeavors showed great success, the merchandise, the manga comics and the graphic novels made their way over as well. It was the basic economic edict of supply and demand. Give the fans what they want in every capacity, such as with figurines, costumes, backpacks, t-shirts, manga comics, DVDs, downloads and comic book series.

Moreover, the messages in anime comics reach today's youth at a level that traditional DC or Marvel comic books missed. Anime focuses more on emotions, relationship struggles, introspection, adventurous personal quests and the hero's journey; all in surreal, magical surroundings. Unlike cartoons for kids, anime characters will die and complex relationships are formed. Nothing is off-limits in the anime world, not even sex or violence.

People are confronted with deep concepts and provoked to think about the meaning of life. In a way, it's the softer, psychological side of Marvel, blended with the magical, omniscient qualities of a DC superhero: the best of both worlds. For the male fans, some manga comics are adapted to show sexier heroines -- some in their coy school girl uniforms, others with more Westernized curves and futuristic apparel. Yet for the female fans, plots center on soap opera type stories of love, longing and character development. In fact, women make up half the attendees at the anime comics conventions.

Some of the most-viewed anime comics today include Fullmetal Alchemist, Cowboy Bebop, Bleach, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Naruto, Death Note, FLCL, Princess Mononoke (movie), Trigun, Inyuasha and The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya. The most critically acclaimed anime film of 2007 was "Paprika," where researchers developed a device that allowed them to go inside people's dreams for psychotherapeutic treatment purposes. Often the subject matter of anime graphic novels and series looks at science-fiction type materials or include evolved species, monsters and zombies in their series. The adult topics of sex and violence mature and grow with viewers, keeping them life-long fans.

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Comic Books - Get Fun Filled Reading Experience

Comics are the books in which the story is presented with the help of cartoons and graphical illustrations alongwith written dialogues and comments. As the name itself suggest they have element of humour and pun in them. Comic Books are extremely catchy and attractive as they present a certain idea or story with the help of fancy illustrations and drawings. Cartoons have a unique preposition and they deal with the various sensitive subjects at times in a light and hilarious manner.

Many fictional characters have become excessively popular amongst the children and the teenagers. The super heroes like He-man, Super Man, Spider Man etc have evolved over the years in movies and 3D games, however they first appeared in the various comic series. It is a wrong notion that all the comics are humorous. There are a lot of books that are based on serious subjects and are also packed with action and drama. They are a favourite pass time for kids and youngsters. The craze for these books is quite high amongst the ardent readers. People are often having addiction for their favourite comic series.

Generally, the comic series have interesting characters and exciting plots. The adventures and fun of these characters is showcased in the books with the help of wonderful iteration and illustrations. The fun filled books cater with different subjects and situation. There are various characters that entice the readers from different age groups. While children read comics like TinTin, teenagers love to read the interesting stories of Archie. There are numerous comic books that have great stories.

Earlier the Comic Books were simply collection of comic strips that are funny and hilarious. Later on, comics that focussed on the social issues and other sensitive topics were also created. These books are completely entertaining and rejuvenating.There are several very famous comic series that are highly popular in the UK. "The Dandy" and "The 2000 AD and The Eagle" are among the all time favourite comics. There are a number of other comics that have gained great popularity amongst the young ones in the Europe. Asterix and Tintin have grown to become the best companions of the children in the free time.

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The Dark Knight - Ten of Batman's Most Important Stories in Comics

Batman is back, and he's bigger and better than ever. The new series of films featuring the caped crusader himself has seen countless new fans flock to his adventures in print, but with the world of comics being such a daunting prospect to a newcomer, it is easy to get stuck on what to read first. There are many decades worth of Batman reading to be enjoyed, but what are the moist important stories? What has had a lasting impact on the character and his mythos outside of the medium of the big screen? Here we take a look at ten essential titles in the Batman pantheon


Widely considered to be the finest Batman story ever created, The Killing Joke was written by comics legend Alan Moore and featured art from Brian Bolland. Offering a possible origin for the character of the Joker, it is highly regarded as pone of the finest graphic novels ever published, and also was the basis for some of the storyline in The Dark Knight.


This notorious three volume tale tells the story of Batman's protégé, Azrael, taking over the mantle of Batman when Bruce Wayne's back is broken by the murderous Bane. Azrael, as a new batman, goes too far and ends up insane, leaving it up to Bruce to work himself back to health and face him down in a clash of the batmen. A classic.


A very strong mystery story involving the enigmatic killer Hush, this two-book story was one of the biggest hits in recent years for DC comics. Hush is intent on Sabotaging Batman's reputation. A thrilling story, told with style.


A classic of 1980s Batman, and one of the Milestones in modern comics history. The Joker succeeds in killing Robin, who dies in Batman's arms, and thus the chase is on for vengeance. But will batman actually take the Joker's life?


An extremely disturbing piece of graphic literature, Arkham Asylum: A Serious House on Serious Earth was written by Grant Morrison and illustrated by the renowned Dave McKean. Telling the stories of the inmates of the titular asylum as they take the place over and stage a siege, it has been a strong seller ever since its release in 1989.


By Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale, The Long Halloween features the Falcone character that was seen in the film Batman Begins, and follows his story to its comics conclusion. It also covers the transition of Batman's foes from mobsters and gangsters to actual supervillains in detail.


From comics luminaries Jeph Loeb and Time Sale comes this 14 issue tale (Brought together into a much loved graphic novel), is the sequel to The Long Halloween. Featuring Two-face, this is a noir-ish murder mystery following Batman on the trail of a serial killer who is offing police officers in Gotham.


This is an epic story told over three volumes, which crossed over the whole family of Batman related DC comics titles. A tale of batman trying to end a vicious gang war, it one of the most hard-hitting Batman stories of recent years.


When Bruce discovers the dead body of his girlfriend, Vesper Fairchild, in Wayne Manor, the police arrive and charge him with her murder! The other Batman characters are unable to work out the mystery, and thus Bruce breaks out of jail and vows to just live as Batman until the case is solved.


The story that began with Bruce Wayne: Murderer concludes with a frantic tale of Batman and his colleagues piecing the facts together and discovering a conspiracy to discredit him forever as a murderer, with a surprising culprit behind the whole thing...

These are amongst the most seminal works of the Batman's adventures in comics, and are a must for the bookshelf of any fan of the character or the medium. Captured in these pages is the essence of one of the most recognizable icons in all of popular culture. With more feature films on the way in this new series, there seems to be no stopping the Dark Knight in his battle against crime. This is a good thing, as we always need a hero, even one with so many troubles.

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Great Humor Book - The Secret Diary of Adrian Cat

SUMMARY: The secret lives and loves of cats are revealed in this adventure novel, entitled "The Secret Diary of Adrian Cat" that peeks into a year in the life of the mischievous feline Adrian Cat. Adrian is having trouble keeping his new year's resolutions (especially "I will not be condescending to my humans"), and he's also adjusting to the fact that his humans have a new baby, his best friend needs constant help, and he's in love for the first time--with the angelic-seeming Snowball. But Snowball turns out to be less than perfect and tries to lead Adrian into organized crime. She forces him to join the evil cat Killer's gang. After numerous misadventures he realizes that he does not love the beautiful but power-crazed Snowball and really loves the scruffy yet tender alley cat named Gypsy. After Killer's gang runs Gypsy out of town, Adrian is forced to make some strange friends, fight the evil Killer and travel a rough road in order to convince Gypsy of his love.

PRESS RELEASE BODY: The DNA Press team is happy to announce the publication of "The Secret Diary of Adrian Cat", by Stuart and Linda Macfarlane of Scotland.
"The Secret Diary of Adrian Cat" relates one year in the life of the extraordinary cat Adrian. At the start of the year Adrian makes his New Year Resolutions but soon finds that they are not easy to keep - especially the more testing ones like 'I will not be condescending to my humans' and 'I will not maul the vet'.

The Adrian Cat book is modeled on "The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole - Aged 13 ½", the book that made its author Sue Townsend the best-selling novelist of the 1980s. "I have always been a great fan of Sue Townsend and have read many of her books," said Stuart Macfarlane. 'The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole' provided the inspiration to write our book in a diary format. I loved the idea of a cat keeping a secret diary of all his adventures, worries and aspirations. 'The Secret Diary of Adrian Cat' started out as a working title for the book but Adrian took on such a powerful character that when the book was complete we could not bear to change his name. We spent hours trying other names, but none were right - Adrian was Adrian and refused to be called anything else."

Added Linda Macfarlane, "The book is about all the things Adrian could be getting up to; trying to become famous, looking for the love of his life, promoting peace between dogs, cats and mice, getting involved with an evil gang, saving the life of a fox, treasure hunting with a pirate parrot and, of course, looking after his human family."

When Adrian spots a beautiful white Persian walking through his garden he immediately falls head over paws in love. Her name is Snowball and though she appears angelic she turns out to be a power-crazed feline who will do anything to get what she wants.

In an attempt to win Snowball's heart, Adrian is forced to become a member of the Cosa Nostra gang - run by the evil cat, Killer. As a member of the gang he becomes involved in many mischievous activities such as housebreaking and raiding the fish shop. As Adrian becomes more influential Snowball unexpectedly announces that they are soon to marry.

When Adrian finds an injured fox Snowball refuses to help saying, 'The only good fox is a dead fox. When it dies, bring me its tail - I need a new cushion'. By good fortune a cat 'of no fixed abode', Gypsy, offers to help and through her knowledge of herbal medicines and tender care the fox is saved.

Being jealous of the amount of time Adrian is spending with Gypsy, Snowball gets Killer to run her out of town. It is only then that Adrian realizes that it is not the beautiful Snowball but the rather scruffy Gypsy that he loves. After days of searching he finds Gypsy and eventually persuades her to marry him.

Of course much more than this is happening in Adrian's complex life, for he has a human family to support and a best friend, Lucky, who constantly needs help and advice. This ensures that there is not a day without crises, adventure, and of course lots of food to eat and as much sleep as Adrian can cram in. But the appearance of a noisy new human kitten in Adrian's family makes it difficult for him to sleep and when an outbreak of 'Nappy-Rash' makes the noise unbearable, Adrian has no choice but to move in with an elderly human, Old-Grey-Fur. However, he discovers that she sleeps even more than he does and he soon moves back with his humans. On a day to day basis Adrian has the training of his young humans, Brat and Brat-2, to attend to in addition to fighting for a spot on his favorite chair, and of course attempting to fulfill his resolutions to, 'become the world's most famous cat', and to 'promote world peace between cats, dogs and mice'.

Summing up the year Adrian exclaims, 'I've fallen in love for the first time and fallen out of love for the first time. I've married the best girl in the world. I've added a new human to my family. I've made friends with a robin, a fox and a pirate parrot. I've been the enemy of an evil gang leader, best friends with him and then his enemy again. My one regret is that there just hasn't been enough time for sleeping.'

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Batman Villains - The Story Behind The Riddler

The Riddler is one of the more interesting Batman villains. He is obsessed with word puzzles, riddles and word games. In fact, when the Riddler commits a crime, he leaves some sort of riddle to give Batman clues. He is pictured as a suave type of guy in all green, and with a mischievous look in his eyes. He usually wears a mask that goes around his eyes, and walks with a large cane that is a stretched question mark. What makes the Riddler the most interesting of Batman's villains is his sickness or insanity.

In order for the Riddler to commit a crime, he must be able to explain it in some sort of riddle or puzzle. He allows the victim and the rescuer, usually Batman, a chance to try and solve the riddle or puzzle. You would think he would just stop giving clues so he could get away with his crimes. His own compulsion forces him to place the crime in some sort of riddle. He is not able to leave the scene of a crime without leaving a clue in the form of a puzzle or riddle. The Riddler often works with two females who assist him, named Query and Echo.

In one story, the Riddler is said to suffer from cancer. After curing his cancer with a Lazarus Pit, he offers to help another person cure his mother of cancer, in exchange for help in defeating Batman. He then commands other villains to go after Batman. Batman's villains, of course, are defeated, but this character is definitely... well, a character!